Founder and Former CEO, Yury Mosha, has moved on to New Project. He Passed the Torch to the New Director, Alena Lorans.

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05 апреля 2024
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Alena Lorans

These days, migration is at an all-time high, evident in words like “relocation” trending in search engines. Thanks to increased mobility through online jobs, people nowadays are ten times more likely to want to change their place of residence and apply for visas or residency in foreign countries.

The Second Passport company, founded in 2011, performs a variety of immigration-centered services for clients worldwide Their high success rate has led them to take the leading position among companies helping immigrants.

Massive developments are in the works at Second Passport. Founder and former CEO, Yury Mosha, has moved on to new endeavors. He passed the torch to the new director, Alena Lorans, who has been working on developing the company brand from the European central office since early 2021.

The Second Passport company, leader in the immigration assistance market, seeks representatives

Yury Mosha

The company’s current focus is expanding its consulting family into new markets by opening branches in CIS member states, as well as the UAE, select EU countries, Turkey, and more! Moreover, Second Passport is eager to expand its network by seeking a variety of lawyers and representatives of various disciplines from around the world. This vast base of legal professionals will be pivotal in expanding to new countries, as they will be able to assist new clients and surpass any legal hurdles they may encounter.

Second Passport is a trusted company! Over 500 positive reviews are enough evidence that their representative base has the know-how to help any immigration case that comes their way. The company prides itself on this success rate and appreciates and sees its base of employees, partners, and representatives as the cream of the crop in the field.

No other immigration service comes close

Second Passport has no equals on the market because the company’s service is an all-encompassing support system that helps people not only emigrate but succeed in a new country.

Representatives work with visa centers and companies dealing with employment, studies, temporary and permanent residency, and obtaining citizenship in foreign countries. By working as a partner, you’ll assist in obtaining the above visas and permits in over 80 countries, including:

  • EU and Schengen countries
  • The USA
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Several countries in East Asia, Latin America, and Africa

The company has proven itself as the most profitable business model in its sector. In all areas of operation, franchisees can earn from 20% to 100%.

Support for franchisees

Second Passport offers something most franchisors don’t: a continuous support and training system for new franchisees. Representatives will have a massive network of instructors and experts to guide them through any unfamiliar process in the immigration services field. The company is also working towards the automation of its business processes, ultimately centralizing and streamlining transactions.

Their training system goes through constant updates thanks to tconstant improvements in its information base. Their knowledge is ever-growing as they expand their client and partner numbers in the 80 countries they operate in! The company will provide the framework necessary to build up a successful franchise. This includes an adapted training program, help with advertising, finding the first clients, and much more!

The company constantly sets ambitious goals for itself and always meets them thanks to the support of a close-knit team.

Not convinced? Here are the numbers which prove Second Passport’s success:

  • 30+ branches and counting
  • 5,000+ satisfied clients
  • 350+ partners worldwide
  • 200+ employees

“Our mission is to help people with legal issues when moving and adapting to a new country. We help to avoid unnecessary spending and illegal actions that often arise from ignorance!” – Alena Lorans, Second Passport director.